how to control pests of crops from destroying agricultural produce

Agricultural pests of crops can be prevented using several ways to control the spread of pests of crops

The first thing that comes to mind is why do we have to prevent crops from being infested by pests?
The reason why we have to prevent pest of crops from spreading around our crops is because they will end up destroying every investment we\’ve made on the farm

The following are the ways in which we can prevent the spread of crop pest.

1. Physical control
2 chemical control
3. Cultural method and control
4. Biological control method

1. Physical control method of pest

removal this involves the physical removal of pest by hand-picking of insect and larvae
ii. Setting trump-putin the farm to catch rodent is also useful
iii. Shooting rodent with gun is also another physical method of controlling pest of crops
iv. One of the most important means of keeping out pest of crops from the farm is by making fence around the farm with wire net

 Cultural method of pest control

Cultural method of pest control involves the use of Farm practices to prevent or control pest spread especially on the field

Examples of cultural method of pest control 

i. practices in crop rotation
ii. the use of pest resistant varieties of crops
iii. appropriate tillage operations
iv. use of insect traps
v. picking and destruction of insect burning crop residues
vi. timely planting of crops
vii. proper weeding or sanitation method
viii. timely harvesting
ix. close-season practices especially in cotton production
these are some of the cultural method of crop and pest control

Biological method of crop pest control

Biological method of controlling pest of crops involves the introduction of the natural enemies of pest to control or keep the pest population under control. Such method of controlling pests of crops is that the introduction of the enemies of this pest will eat up or feed on these pest thereby reducing their population

Chemical control method used for controlling pest of crops

Chemical method of controlling pests of crops involves the use of chemicals called pesticides or insecticides to control spread of pest
These chemicals which are in form of powder, liquid, granules and tablets are used on the insect by various methods like spraying or dusting of plant seeds to check pest
Examples of chemicals used to control pest
1. Pesticide. a chemical used to control pest
2. Insecticide chemicals used to control insects like grasshoppers
3. Rodenticide. These chemicals are used to control the spread of rodents like rats and grasscutters
4. Avicides. These chemicals are used to control birds on the farm
5. Nematicides. Nematicides are used to control nematodes
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