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what are the effect of insect pest on crop production

Understanding what are insect pest of crop is very important in the production of crops and animals in agriculture.

As long as there are the existence of insect pest of crops the production of crops will have great challenges in meeting up with Demand
So on the basis of the damages that are done to crop production by insect pest, I am going to list some of the effect of this on agricultural production 
Effect of crop pest on agricultural or crop production
1. Insect pest of crops destroyed crops in the field through their biting, chewing, boring, sucking and defoliation activities.
2. Insect pests of crops can also cause reduction in viability of stored produce, like produce stored in the barn or silos
3. As one of the effect of crop pest, we can say that spot of Injuries by insect may predispose crops to disease attacks
4. Due to the damage caused by insect pest of crops, they invariably increase the cost of production during the course of controlling them
5. Crop pest will always render vegetables and fruit unattractive and unmarketable
6. Most most major crop pest are carriers or vectors of disease
7. During the whole year round, profit of farmers are reduced tremendously because they end up spending excess money beyond their budget in order to control the infection caused by pests of crops
8. Crop pest may reduce the quality of produce in the store or in the feed as time entails
9. Pests of crop generally reduces the yield of crops
10. Naturally when you have pest of crops in Greater attacks, they can cause total death of crop plants there by plunging the Farmer into dept
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