farm mechanization advantages

advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization, understanding farm mechanization and its place in agriculture. what then is mechanization of agriculture? the use of higher and mechanical farm implements to till the farm land before planting operation 


with the very aim to increase output, the advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization should be highly considered before embarking in it

with increase in output in mind in planting season, it is also very important to know that there advantages and disadvantages of applying mechanized agriculture to improve yield

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the essence of mechanized agriculture is to do away with the use of simple farm tools or crude implements that slows down farming activities.  Farm mechanization is the use of machines for farm activities .


Farming mechanization is the use of large farm implements like tractors heavy machinery like disc Harrows and Ploughing vehicles to till ground to ensure that the land is cultivated in large quantity for the purpose of producing the crops for commercial purposes.
farm mechanization ensures that all farm operation are done and completed within a given period of time.
commercial agriculture
commercial agriculture
farming Mechanization at the system level is one of the most important aspects required to reform agriculture. the whole world has made significant progress in field preparation by using tractors with matching implements for plowing and puddling

advantages and disadvantages of agricultural  mechanization

Farm mechanization has the following advantages as much as we say that mechanization is very important to farming activities–(cultural practices in crop production) there are also reason to be considered why mechanization should not be the best option for farmers to engage in. so some of the advantages of mechanized  farming are listed below 1.. TIMELINESS OF OPERATION
farming mechanization ensures that all farm operation are done and completed within a given period of time to ensure smooth productivity 2. MECHANIZATION OF AGRICULTURE SAVES TIME BUT COST MORE TO ENGAGE IN in farm mechanization, all most human efforts are substituted with machines. Hence labour saved could be employed somewhere else

farming mechanization reduces health hazards including those posed by the use of cutlass, hoe, digger, knives, stumpand pests     4. MECHANIZED FARMING REDUCES DRUDGERY
farm mechanization makes it easy to avoid unpleasant manual jobs 5. MECHANIZATION OF AGRICULTURE INCREASES FARM YIELD no matter the advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization
as a result of farming mechanization, farmers become richer due to increased yield 6. IT ENCOURAGES LARGE SCALE FARMING
with the use of machine which reduces labour   types of labour and thereby making the work faster and easier, farmers tends to go into large scale farming activities

7. INCREASE IN OUTPUT mechanization of agriculture makes it possible for farmers to have increase in output

farm mechanization enables people to become specialized in certain operations within the farm in order to increase efficiency.

farm mechanization enables many farmers to come together and pool their resources together, thereby promoting or encouraging co-operation among farmers.

farming mechanization translates quickly the products of man’s brain into reality.

11. MECHANIZED FARMING CAN CAUSE REDUCTION IN COST OF OPERATION we cannot actually finished the topic of Farm mechanization without mentioning that farming mechanization helps in creating job opportunities: mechanization leads to reduction in the cost of agricultural operations per unit output. a clear advantages of farm mechanization is the IMPROVEMENT IN QUALITY OF PRODUCE CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH FARM MECHANIZATION:

mechanization usually improves the quality of some farm produce, e.g., rice processing. read how to produce rice

mechanization also helps to release labour to other sectors of the economy.

farm mechanization helps to accomplish lots of work with less human labour.

Advantages of farm mechanization and how it affects agricultural production

(a) It removes the difficulty in farming. Farm work is considered by people to be very hard. The use of machines therefore makes farming enjoyable.
1. Mechanization also results in better utilization of agricultural land
2. The use of machine energy, therefore, leads to good agricultural production.


read more about mechanization in agriculture


importance of farm mechanization

farm Mechanization raises the efficiency of labor and enhances the farm production per worker. By its nature it reduces the quantum of labor needed to produce a unit of output. In the U.S.A., “the amount of human input and labor used to produce at most 100 bushels of wheat dropped from 320 hours in the year 1830  (b) Large areas of farm Ind can be prepared within very short time. This means that mechanization saves time. (c) It allows the farmer to perform some difficult jobs easily; for example, the  felling of trees is easily done with the motor-saw instead of the axe and cutlass (d) Mechanization saves labour. Very few labourers are required when machines are employed on the farm. (e) farm mechanization increases farm productdivity because of large co operation. Increased productivity leads to higher farm income and standard of living. (f) The cost of using machines on the farm is cheaper in the long run compared with the cost of farm-labour that is always rising. read about farm machines here

advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization

(g) It prevents bad agricultural practices such as complete burning all vegetation on new farmland. In addition, large are of farm land can still be cultivated by the farmer during one cropping season. the read types of cropping systems here (h) farm mechanization enables the farmers to use surplus farm products profitably, For example, the crop dryer allows quick and easy drying of crop product such as rice, maize, sorghum and wheat. Crop product can be processed into different products, more acceptable to consumers. In addition, surplus perishable products such as tomatoes vegetables, milk-milking machine and meat can be stored for a long time using the refrigerator and cold storage. more storage systems here


(i) The use of machines in farming may attract young and educated persons to take up farming as- an- occupation. (j) The mechanization of farming may release some workers formerly engaged in farming to take up jobs in Agro-allied industries in urban centres. you can also read about farm machinery here


however the advantages and disadvantages of farming mechanization Farm mechanization has the following disadvantages  1.HIGH COST OF RUNNING:
farming mechanization, due to the high cost and numerous machines involved, is very expensive to operate 2. DISPLACEMENT OF WORKERS  which is very important to ponder when dealing with advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization
in farming mechanization, very few workers are required. Hence many people will be out of job when mechanization is introduced 3. COMPACTION OF SOIL: mechanization lead to compaction of soil due to the movement of heavy machines mechanization CAUSES ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION: mechanization causes environmental pollution due to smokes emanating from engines of these machines, chemicals and the use of fertilizer by the MECHANIZATION LEADS TO DEGRADATION OF LANDSCAPE mechanization leads to degradation of landscape due to or as a result of continuous excavation a hub of advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization


:land tenure system may hinder efficient use machines like tractors, bulldozer due to small holdings of farmland FARMING MECHANIZATION LEADS TO DESTRUCTION OF SOIL STRUCTURES the soil structure can easily be destroyed due to continuous use of heavy machines


with farm machines working on the farms, the work can easily be completed and this situation can create redundancy in farm labour  FEW CROPS CAN BE MECHANIZED
very few crops like maize, rice, millet and guinea corn that easily be mechanize 10.  INADEQUATE TECHNICAL KNOW-HO there is always inadequate technical know-how in handling the farm machines and equipment in most developing countries of the world 11. MECHANIZATION CAUSES DAMAGE TO CROPS most crops are easily damaged during mechanize farm operation 12. INADEQUATE SPARE PARTS IS A MAJOR PROBLEM TO MECHANIZED FARMING most of the spare parts or replacement parts for most of these machines are not readily available 3.HIGH COST OF MAINTENANCE OF MACHINES IS A PROBLEM OF FARMING MECHANIZATION there is usually high cost of maintenance of machines involved in mechanized agriculture especially for the heavy duty machines


Farming mechanization help to spread diseases through contaminated machines 15.
HUMAN CONTROL mechanization needs human labour to control it UNSTABLE FUEL SUPPLY
unstable supply of fuel in the international market can easily affect the use of these machines in mechanized agriculture which can either influence the advantages and disadvantages of farming mechanization

things you should know concerning Disadvantages of farm mechanization

(a) as an advantages and disadvantages of farming mechanization Many of the farm- workers will be jobless. With the use of machines in farming, the work that can be done by many workers be carried out by very few. farm hands. The others need to be retained before they can fit into new jobs. (b) The use of heavy machine. such as the bulldozers and- tractors destroys the soil structure. This may result in soil erosion caused by water. (c) The environment is polluted because of the use of machines. The exhaust from motor-vehicles and scraps from machines and Blurriness result in environmental pollution. READ ABOUT LEVELS OF LIFE IN LIVING ORGANISMS

advantages and disadvantages of farm mechanization

d) The use of heavy machines leads to soil compaction can enhance advantages and disadvantages of farming mechanization . The continuous use of tillage implements results in the development of hard soil layer below the soil surface. This reduces water movement in the soil as well as crops roots penetration. e) another disadvantages of farming Mechanization has directly to production of those crops that are mechanized such as rice, maize, and few others ike the production of crops such as coco-yam and yam that are not easily produced with the aid of machines  are therefore declining yearly. (f) Machinery requires large capital investment. Only farmers that have enough money will be able to acquire machines. (g) The use of machines in farming requires adequate and continuous supply of energy from fuel and electricity which is a big disadvantage of farm mechanization . Problems will arise if the supply is not enough, or is lacking.

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