Characteristics of commerce

Characteristics of commerce, Characteristics of commerce can simply mean what are those things or activities that differentiate commerce from every other subject of study. To get to understand the characteristics of commerce you have to understand the meaning of commerce, scope of commerce, its relationship with economics and production. home trade commerce

What are the characteristics of commerce?

The following are some of the characteristics of commerce. There are other business study subjects that are not commerce but also involves buying and selling of goods and services. So down below I am going to list of the major characteristics of commerce so here we go Characteristics of commerce

  1. Economic characteristics of commerce; as a major player in the business of distribution, buying and selling of goods and services, commerce plays an important role in production as it helps to facilitate the distribution and buying and selling of goods and services across any economy. If after goods are produced and it doesn’t get to the final consumer we definitely say production is incomplete. So the business side of any economy is known as commerce
  2.  Profit Motive of commerce; as one of the characteristics of commerce the motives behind every business organization which is solely profit is also the driving force behind the subject of commerce. This actually means you mustn’t venture into commerce or business without the mind for making profit. Gifting of goods and services to friends and families if not commerce as commerce is only concerned with profit making. Profit is the motivation behind commerce and that’s a major characteristics of commerce=== money
  3. The marketing characteristics of commerce; commerce involves marketing in a comprehensive form. Whenever trade and business activity is mentioned you will definitely remember commerce. As distribution of goods and services evolves the place of commerce cannot be over emphasized as commerce mainly all about trade and ant the things that trade easy and successful. Since commerce is a branch of production it then means that the creation of goods and services are said to be incomplete if the produce does not get to the final consumers

  1. Commerce is a component of business; why is it a component of business? The word component of business mean that without buying and selling, distribution and the storage of the produced goods in a strategic manner business is said to be incomplete. So after production goods has to get to the targeted consumer
  2.  Creating utilities through distribution of goods and services; commerce helps in the creation of an active business environment which is utility provided to satisfy the local or international needs. It also helps in the storage of goods for future demand and uses which creates time utilities

Although there may be other characteristics of commerce which is dependent on the country you are from, either the USA, Portugal, India, CANADA, UK, Germany, Brazil or South Africa this is because most of them uses different types curriculum and ways of studying commerce.

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