Thrips pest of crops and how it affect crop production

What are thrips pest of crops?

Thrips pest of crop in an insect pest of crop that is a typical examples of burrowing insects
The thrips pest of crops possesses  mouthparts adopted for boring into stems of crops and onions
This type of insect pest of crop is tiny darkish in colour and can destroy crops within days.
This tiny insect call thrips burrows inside the Onion bulb and lives in it causing the bulb to Decay of
Crops that are attacked by the thrips pest of crop

This type of crop pest attacks majorly onions and tomato plant
If the trip pest of crops attacks tomato and onions, so what are the possible effect of this attack on these crops? let us go on and look at the effect of thrips attack on crops
The nature of Damages caused by the attack of thrips pest of crops and its effect on crop production

1. This tiny insect pest attacks the Onion and the vegetables causing its leaves to Wilt
2. The attacks of thrips pest of crop causes the leaves of vegetables to turn brown
3. This pest of crop causes reduction in yield and production of onions
4. The attack of thrips pest of crop on onion bulb causes the bulb itself to rot and give off foul smell
Prevention measures and control method of the spread of thrips pest of crop
There are several method in controlling the spread of pest on the farm but on this article I am going to outline at least one specific method of how to curb the spread of thrips pest of crop
1. The best way to destroy the spread of trips pest of crop that attacks vegetables like onions and tomato is by spraying with the right insecticide or pesticide
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