Agricultural development in Africa

agricultural development in Africa through NGOs. Ways in which NGOs contribute to agricultural production in West Africa. The following are the ways by which Ngo that is non governmental organisations contribute to agricultural production in West Africa. Of the most important roles of Angels or non-governmental organisations in West Africa or Africa as a whole is that they assist in rural development by providing social amenities like rose water supply of light and health centres across the region

agricultural development in Africa through NGOs

One of the key areas whereby non-governmental agencies or non governmental processes or non-governmental organisations in Africa is that they carry out research to improve or develop new crop varieties in order to boost agricultural production in the region   \"agricultural

Another key aspect of this angel known as known as as non-governmental organisations is that they help to carry out research across Africa in order to prove on breeds of animal trying to come up with breeds of animals that can resist some important diseases of agricultural farm animals

this body are also involved in provision of financial support funding or subsidies agricultural projects.. what is this simply means that this engine help rural farmers by providing them access to loans grants and subsidies in order to boost agricultural production and help the economy to stand

5. This non-governmental organisations helps in the improvement of farmers awareness and agricultural knowledge through extension services found all across Africa so what this means is that these bodies help to train farmers to educate them on the newness of improvement based on varieties of all breeds of animals that are resistant to certain diseases found in certain areas of the Continent

5. This organizations also work hand-in-hand with the various host Communities where this farming activities are being done in order to find a better way to understand the peasant farmers with a view to assisting them to improve on their social economic ability

6. To be sincere in West Africa the Works and roles of Ngo that are involved in agricultural activity is not limited to funding the Farmers by granting loans they also found a research for better farming method and also develop Farm implement these are some of the key areas that non-government organisations are involved in Africa and be known to you that African farmers as poor as such that the Lack access to basic amenities and farming system access to modern the information and so the involvement of this angels have brought life back to the Rural communities

7. Most of the time this NGO helps to control pest through the production of pest resistant varieties of crops towards agricultural development

8. The Ngo are a body that is not funded by the government are just people who have this Goodwill or good intention to making sure that things are done the right way and they are done efficiently and so they also help to control diseases through the production of disease resistant varieties of crops

9. Is non-government organisations known as Ngo also help to develop appropriate farming system that is suitable to an environment based on the topography social and cultural belief religious concept e t c

To mention but a few of the Ngo found in West Africa is west African rice development agency

One of the key objective of this body known as west African rice development agency is to promote the cultivation of rice within the west African sub-region

Number 2 point or activities or benefit of west African rice development agency that they help to develop rice species with high yield with minimum impute to cultivate

3. This NGOs will also help to develop rice species that can adapt to the west African sub-region they also develop disease-resistant variety of rice above all this in order to have good rice production that can compete with the Asian tigers these bodies or known as west African rice development agency order was set up in order to develop rice special which can meet the nutritional needs of the west African sub-region Solas of their role is to develop pest resistant varieties of rice

Other non-governmental organization NGOs developing agriculture in Africa

station in west African sub-region in order to improve on agricultural production and agricultural development is the International Institute of tropical agriculture Ita this Institute is located in Ibadan Nigeria in western Nigeria province and it serves to develop agriculture in many African countries the aim and objective of this body includes

To promote the cultivation of food crops like maize rice cowpea and yam with in the tropics of west Africa

Key function of the International Institute of tropical agriculture at a station in ibadan is to develop high yielding food crops original to West Africa sub-region

One key area that this Institute known as International Institute of tropical agriculture base in ibadan here in Nigeria is that they have helped a lot of services of stations of cooperative farmers to grow and develop food crops and to encourage local farmers to grow the crops improved by The Institute

Non governmental Institute found in West Africa in the tropic region is the international livestock centre for agricultural development in Africa

Body known as international livestock centre for Africa ilca is established to promote the rearing of animals within Africa to to breed animals with high production capabilities EG high milk production hi egg and meat production animals

Another objective of the International Institute livestock centre in Africa is to promote the rearing of animals and to breed animals that can produce high quality of products

International Institute for livestock centre popularly known as ilca was set up in order to breed animals that can adapt to the African climate and environment and this is to breed animals with early maturity and fast growth in order to be able to survive in the African terrain

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