cattle products and their uses

cattle products and their uses, list of cattle products and their uses. Cattle is one of the most popular farm animal reared through agricultural science and farming

Although there are so many types of cattle and cattle products or in this article we are only concerned about the products from cattle that is the things that are produced from cattle is self-reliance of the meat milk the uses and importance of this thing is to man
The important uses of cattle products across religion continent tribes races and so and so forth it is understood that there is no religion or tribal, continent races and all over the whole world. Body has shown that the consumption cattle products and beef meat is the most consumed meat and products in the whole world. Beef meat is generally Reddish in colour and how you look test that no other animals or meat tastes like beef    cattle products. commercial agriculture

Cattle products and uses

Uses of beef meat

I. Beef meat can be cooked and eaten directly by man
i. they’re used for making soup
ii. The beef meat is also used for making beef rolls or meat rolls in snacks
III. Beef meat is also used for making local desert like pepper soup in most part of Africa

uses of cattle milk products

Use of cow milk as follow
i. Cattle milk is eaten fresh in some part of the world, mostly in northern parts of Nigeria
ii. The use of cattle milk can be seen in the production of powdered milk, tin milk and liquid milk industry

iii. We also use cattle milk also known as cow milk to produce bread.
iv. One very good aspect of the use of cow milk is in The Taking of beverages and chocolate

uses of cattle bones

Cattle bones can be used in the following ways
I. We use the bones of cattle for the production of buttons in shirts and clothes production
ii. Most handles of knife that are used at home as part of cutlery is made from the bones of cattle
iii. In livestock production we grind bones and mix them with feed to form what we call bone meals for farm animals consumption

uses of cattle skin

The uses of cattle skin can be seen in the following ways
i. Hide and skin from farm animals like cattle is used in the production of footwear
ii. Most leather bags that are found in the market places in shops, supermarkets and all around us is made from cattle skin
iii. we also use the hide and skin from cattle to produce belt
iv. Cattle skins or cow skins or hides and skins from cattle is also used in the production of seat of motor vehicles

uses of cattle excreta

The uses of cattle excreta can be seen in the following ways
i. Cattle excreta and dung is used as fertilizers to enrich the soil

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