how to recognise clay soil and its properties

What is clay soil and the properties of clay soil

The definition of clay soil
Clay soil is is a situation where in the sample of soil has more proportion of clay than the rest of soil type
So a soil is said to be clayey if the proportion of clay in a sample of soil is very high

One of the major properties of clay soil is that the relative size of a clay particle is less than 0.002 mm.
Clay soil is heavy in nature so it is very hard to work on
One major major importance of clay soil is the use of it to produce clay materials such as ceramic wares
Clay is also used to produce local pot used for cooking and storing in some communities in Nigeria

Without wasting time on this subject let us go sit down and look at the importance of clay in properties of clay how to recognise clay soil

properties of Clay soil

Clay soil particles are fine powdery and smooth when dry
The particles of clay are sticky and moldy when wet
One great aspect of clay soil is that the particles are tightly bound together with little spaces
the physical structure of a given sample of clay is granola and does not lose easily
a typical clay soil sample is poorly aerated with high -holding capacity
Percolation in clay soil is low but capillary is high
One good aspect of clay soil is that it does not support leaching when it contains plant nutrient in high quantity
A typical clay soil is very hard and difficult to turn around when dry this property of the clay soil is why it is used for the production of pots and ceramic materials that can We Stand 1000 degrees Celsius
Clay soil can easily form a ribbon or cast when molded
Clay soil support waterlogging and it is very hard for soil erosion to take place in a sample of soil when you have clay at the greater percentage
One physical property of a typical clay soil is that it has a grey and brownish colour

Note,.. clay soil can be improved upon through liming
List of all to remember about clay soil is that it is difficult to cultivate crops on it but with the addition of organic manure on a a piece of land it becomes easy to cultivate crops on it

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