properties of sandy soil

sandy soil, How to recognize sandy soil. Sand soil is a type of soil that has land soil particles loosely joined together. sand soil is is Coarse and gritty in nature what this means is that when you take a sample in your hand you always feel the soil particles very big
so because they\’re such particles are no littering and not fitted together it lacked the capacity to hold water as a result of this property of sand soil during dry season when you\’re working on a ground on the road on bare foot you always did scorching you under your foot

how to recognize sandy soil

Sandy soil quickly absorbs water and loses it in the same way because the soil particles are not close together  \"sandy

One great aspect of it is that it is well aerated with low water holding capacity

Soil percolation or air circulation of this soil is high but has low capillary

Whenever you are trying to analyze the properties of soil types do you understand is that sandy soil easily heats up during the day and cools down quickly during the night

Sandy soil support leaching of soil nutrient hence it is low in plant nutrient as low as a farmer whenever you want to farm please look at the type of soil very well if it is sand soil then find a way to enrich the soil before planting you read some of my articles on how to improve sandy soil here

this soil type soil is very low in plant nutrient hence it does not support planting of crops

Sand soil has grey and brownish colour

you can follow the link below to read more about how to improve this soil type to enable him to cultivate on it

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