The Importance and effects of tillage system on Farming activity

What is tillage? Tillage can be defined as the working, breaking, loosening or digging up of the topmost soil in order to prepare for the planting of crops

Most Farmland that have been farmed upon for a couple of years, the nutrient position within the farm surface is no longer at the reach of the root of crops,
 so in order to enable the plant root to be able to access the positions of this nutrient, it is therefore needful that tillage should be applied

Types of tillage system

There are two major types of tillage system which are
1. Simple or crude tillage method
2. Mechanized tillage system
Despite the fact that tillage helps too bring out the soil nutrient closer to where the root nodules of plants can assess this nutrient for proper growth 
it is also important to understand that the goodness or the importance of tillage system that are also side effect to continuous tilling of the soil for planting

List of the effect of tillage system

The following are some of the effect of tillage system on Farming activities
1. Continuous tillage of the soil encourages or leads to leaching. Now as a farmer remember that making ridges or bed which are a form of tillage should not be done on continuous basis because it may lead to leaching.
leaching simply means a state or state where water erosion is washing away the nutrient of the soil to a position where the root nodules of plants cannot be able to access them because the soil particles are not held together anymore by humus.
2. Tillage practices like the making of birds ridges helps to loosen the soil particles for easy planting of crops and germination
3. It is important for you to know that you are not just making or heaping sand somewhere to plant crops but that tillage of the soil helps to expose the soil to erosion
4. Most tillage system exposes or enhances the purple our aeration of soil. 
5. Intensive tillage can lead to loss of soil fertility. This is made possible through leaching of the soil thereby enabling leaching to take place
6. Because when we till the soil we invariably remove every plant or trees within the environment so this can also lead to poor vegetation covers which exposes the soil to sheet erosion
7. When tillage is practice on a piece of land it leads to change in the ecological system of the same piece of land
8. One major effect of tillage is that it  changes the structure and texture of the soil
9. Probably the most common effect of tillage system of the soil is that it reduces the soil capillary water capacity and increases its porosity.
Porosity of any soil means the water retention capacity or the spaces between the soil particles that can retain water
10. Some of the soil organisms that helps in promoting nutritious richness of the soil like the earthworm can easily be killed through tillage system
In conclusion when engaging in tillage practices be sure to understand the type of land is soil texture and soil structure that is found in an environment before engaging in tillage practices. the fact that if not done very well it may lead to a lot of nonsense like leaching and erosion etc
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