permanent crops: an overview

what are permanent crops? Permanent crops are sometimes known as cash crops.

These sets of crops known as permanent crop are mostly cultivated using a plantation farming system. It must interest you to know that permanent crops are mostly tree crops.


factors to be considered before going into permanent crops

These factors are as follows
1. Before going into permanent tree production, the type of land tenure system practices in the area you want to site your farm should be considered.
2. The transportation setting of the town or area of concentration should be discussed before going into permanent crops production

  1. The type of climate of an environment is very key to the production of perennial crops. Factors like temperature, rainfall, humidity
  2. The type of land in an environment can play an effective role in the production of permanent crops
  3. Access to quality markets for the sales to sell off farm produce is very key to siting a permanent crop farm

examples of permanent crops

The following are typical examples of perennial crops majorly cultivated on the farm. They are
1. Oranges/citrus. You can read more about orange planting here
2. Mango tree
3. Rubber tree. Read more about rubber planting here
4. Guava
5. Coconut
6. Oil palm tree. Read more here. Oil palm cultivation
7. Cashew tree
8. Pineapple
9. Cocoa tree. Read cocoa cultivation here
10. Cola nut
11. Cotton. Read about cotton planting here

importance or uses of permanent crops

Perennial crops can be useful in the following ways
1. Permanent crop serves as a source of food for the farmer
2. Perennial crops are a means of foreign exchange for countries
3. They serve as a source of income to the farmer

4. Permanent crops are cultivated for cash sales mainly

5. they are also cultivated as cash crops and for export

Permanent crop production is very expensive to venture. The use of large farm inputs like heavy tillage implements, tractors, harrows, planters and harvesters.

Worthy of note is that without an effective marketplace, permanent crop production can be a failure. plantation farming is sometimes considered as a type of permanent crop but there are a whole lot of differences.

a plantation farmer can decide to crop his farm using annual crops like maize, millet or rice while still practising the plantation farming system.

permanent tree planting should not be carried out in communities not have enough land s due to multiple land tenure systems which is more visible in places in Africa and Asia

to begin with permanent tree planting, the type of soil texture, soil profile and availability of enough land is there for the long-term project because the permanent tree can take years to mature

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