OVERPOPULATION AND ITS EFFECTS. Overpopulation is defined as a situation where a country has more people than its physical and human resources can support with adequate living standards.

In other words, overpopulation refers to a situation where the population exceeds the available resources of the country.

As a result of overpopulation people will compete for the available resources and due to the relative shortage of resources, there will be a general fall in standard of living of the people.

Advantages of over population

The advantages of overpopulation are the same as the advantages of large population already discussed.

Implication or disadvantages of over­population

The disadvantages of overpopulation are the same with the disadvantages of large population already discussed.

Control of overpopulation

  •  Family planning: People should go for family planning to enable them determine the number of children they can have and successfully cater for.

  •  Discouragement of early marriage: Early marriages which promote high birth rate should be discouraged.

  •  Increase in food supply: This should be encouraged through mechanization of agriculture, use of modern farming systems, fertilizers and improved seeds to boost agricultural production.

  • Encouragement of monogamy: Monogamy, which is based on one man, one wife, should be encouraged. while polygamy (marrying of many wives which can lead to many births, should discouraged.

  • Limiting the size of towns: To prevent overpopulation, satellite towns have built with all constructions being carefully planned to avoid overcrowding and congestion.

  • Legalization of abortion: Abortion should be legalized to enable won terminate unwanted pregnancy.

  • Provision of gainful employment women: This will enable them to be occupied with something else rather constant breeding of children.

  • Stiffening of immigration laws: This make it difficult for people to migrate areas already  overpopulated.

  • Sex and mass education: M education ought to be practiced and education should also be taught
  • enlighten the people on the dangers overpopulation.

Encouragement of emigration: also ensure the movement of people from thickly populated to lowly populated areas.

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