what is Mitosis

List the stages in mitosis Whereby each daughter cell or Nicholas has exactly the same chromosome content as the parent When we speak of mitosis we are simply talking about a type of cell division in terms of Passing genetic character and so on and so forth to the daughter cells but in this case each daughter cell has a duplication of the same nucleus that is found in the parent cell. So in this very blog post I am going to enumerate or list the five stages of divisional process in mitosis as an example of cell division. List of cell division in mitosis 1. Interphase 2. Prophase 3. Metaphase 4. Anaphase 5. Telophase Interphase is the the resting stage of the cell at this stage of the cell resting the cell has normal appearance of non-dividing cell condition to the chromosomes are to thread_like for clear visibility



Prophase this stage in mitosis cell division is divided into two the early and late prophase during early prophase the chromosomes become visible as they contract and nucleolus shrinks and centrioles are formed at opposite sides of the nucleolus The metaphase cell division as a type of mitosis also exist in early and late forms during early metaphase the chromosomes arranged themselves on the equator of the spindle and outlet metaphors the chromatids draw apart at the centromere region In anaphase type of cell division as a type of mitosis anaphase mitosis cell division also exist in early and leave forms during early enough is the chromatids part company and migrate to Opposite poles of cells why during late anaphase, the chromosomes reach their destination that is 2 oz Telophase is a type of cell division that takes place in mitosis as one of the five stages of cell division, during this stage of cell division we also have early and late forms so during the early phase of this cell division the service starts to constrict across the middle and during the little office the constriction continues Also for anyone looking to understand what mito sis is all about you can also understand that mitosis help to promote cell growth . Mitosis helps to repair damaged. tissues mitosis serves as basis of asexual and vegetative reproduction To understand how metres is works in cell division you have to clinically look at the formation of cells in the malpighian layer of the skin 2 is the production of red blood and white blood cells in the bone marrow number three ways to look at how Mitosis affect cell division is the cell division that occurs in the liver number 4 is cell division in meristem or type of root or a cambian can also understand mitosis as a cell division and binary fission like the case of amoeba number series is growth in spermatogenesis and eventually can also see the effect of mitosis in the repair or healing of wounds on the body


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