Homogamy and cleistogamy as a condition necessary for self pollination

Homogamy pollination process

Definition of homogamy
Homogamy refers to the ripening of the anthers and stigma of a bisexual flower at the same time
This is actually a process in pollination where the flower anthers of a bisexual flower and the stigmas of a bisexual flower and ripe at the same time for pollination.
Under this condition of pollination known as homogamy, self-pollination may occur in the following ways
How set pollination takes place due to homogamy
1. A gentle breeze my blow mature pollen grains which may be shed on mature stigma that are situated below it and the result will be a self pollination which is caused by homogmy
2.. self-pollination may occur through homogamy visiting insect transfer the pollen grain from the stigma of the same flower
3. Self-pollination may also occur as a result of homogamy when matured stigmas pushed their way out of the Corolla tube during which they are brushed against the anthers and the process pollen grain are collected
4. In a situation where the filament are longer than the stigma, the filament Meri cal the filament may recoil to touch the matured stigma which is the result of homogamy
5. In the same way self pollination may occur where the Styles are longer than the filament; in this way the stigma may also bend or recoil to make the stigma to touch the anther
So in a nutshell homogamy is a condition which can trigger self pollination in plant.
it is a situation where the ripening of anthers and stigmas of a bisexual flower do occur at the same time
under this condition self pollinatio will definitely take place
another condition which self pollination can take place in plant is known as cleistogamy
What is cleistogamy?
Cleistogamy is defined as a condition in which ripe pollen grains are deposited on the stigma which becomes ripped at the same time
Cleistogamy usually occurs among Close flowers. That is to say bisexual flowers which never open at all
What this means is that for self pollination to take place that certain conditions that will be met and one of those condition is homogamy the second one is cleistogamy

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