Tools or instruments normally used for international trade restriction are the following:

  • Import duties or tariffs: This is a tax imposed on imported goods to reduce the amount of trade.
  • Foreign exchange control: Trade can be controlled by reducing the foreign exchange available for trade transactions.
  • Devaluation: By lowering the value of a country’s currency vis-a-vis others, importation becomes costly while export becomes cheaper.
  • Embargo: This is the prohibition or outright ban placed on some imported goods
  • Import monopoly: This refers to a situation in which the government of a country takes over the importation of certain goods which are only essential to the country.
  • Import quota: Import quota restricts imports by imposing a limit on the quantity of goods that can be imported into a particular country.
  • Preferential duties: In order to either encourage or discourage the importation of certain goods from certain countries discriminate duties are charged on these
  • Excise duties reduction: This method helps to reduce the prices of locally made goods so as to enable people to patronize them instead of foreign made goods.
  • Import license: Import license is a permit that allows an importer to bring a certain quantity of foreign goods into a country and allows him to purchase the foreign currency required to pay for them.
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  2. scale of preference
  3. concept of economics
  4. economic tools for nation building
  5. budgeting
  6. factors affecting the expansion of industries
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