the head pan as a simple Farm implement and its uses in the farm



what is a head pan and the uses of a head pan in the farm

The head Pan is a metal container with small circumference at the bottom but the larger one at the top. The head pan has two handles which are opposite to each other. This simple Farm tool is generally used in so many aspects of life in construction site in the farm road, construction in any other activity done in the farm, for carrying of load, the head pan is a multi-purpose farm implement.

uses of a head pan in the farm

The head pan as a multi-purpose implement of Farm tool used in the farm is used for the collection of harvested crops
A typical head Pan is used for transplanting seedlings from the nursery bed to the main site
This simple Farm tool called headPan is also used for carrying and mixing manure and fertilizers
Head pan is also used for carrying Farm inputs and outputs.


how to maintain a head pan so that it can last longer

The following are some of the simple ways to maintain a head pan to give it a longer lifespan
After use of the head pan in the farm to carry loads or other implement you should endeavour to wash it and clean it properly
Make sure that you paint or oil the pan before storage for a longer.
Generally the head pan should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid rust
Generally as a way to preserve anything metal in nature it is advised that we should keep away metals from the rain, so after the use of the head pan and you want to store it please make sure it is not kept in a place where it is going to be receiving Direct rainfall.

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