difference between sandy soil and clay soil

Difference between sandy soil and clay soil

Sandy soil is coarse grained in nature
Clay soil is fine grained

Sandy soil is gritty while clay soil is smooth to touch
Sandy soil has no capillary action while capillary is very low in clay soil

Sandy soil has high percolation rate while circulation rate is very low in clay soil

The rate of leaching is high in sandy soil and leaching is not easily carried out in clay soil

When it comes to feet sandy soil get easily hot and cold but clay soil does not easily get hot and cold

Sandy soil is never together in fact of the day green of sandy soil is miles apart while clay soil is Sticky

Sandy soil has low plasticity which means it cannot be moulded into shapes of any kind unless there is additional material but clay soil is in plasticity when wet

Sandy soil has low holding capacity while in clay soil is very high in holding capacity

Sandy soil is well-drained and poorly aerated but clay soil are well drained and poorly aerated

Sandy soil has large spaces between the grains but clay soil is well articulated fine particles of sand

A typical sandy soil is easy to work on but clay soil is difficult to work on when wet

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