Cotton bollworm pest of crop and its effects on cotton production

What is cotton bollworm?

The cotton bollworm is an example of insect pest of crop. The cotton bollworm possesses a mouth part that enables it to eat through seeds of cotton
Crops that are attacked by cotton Bollworm

The major crop that is attacked by bollworm pest of cotton is the cotton
Nature of Damages caused by bollworm of cotton

The following are the nature of Damages caused by Cotton bollworm
1. The larva of cotton bollworm feed on the seed of cotton
2. The bull run destroys the lint of cotton and reduces it’s quality
3. The cotton bollworm causes the premature fall off of cotton bolls
The control and prevention of cotton bollworm
The control and prevention of the spread of cotton bollworm can be achieved through the following method
1. The practice of crop rotation
2. Always spray with the right insecticide to kill the insect
3. At any time you discovered the presence of bollworm on any stand of cotton on your farm please cut off the cotton stand and burn it to Ashes
4. Make sure you burn every cotton plant and debris after harvesting to avoid the spread of cotton bollworm
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