PASTURE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN PASTURE, Some common management practices in pastures to ensure continuous supply of grasses and legumes to livestock include the following:

pasture irrigation


(1) Burning: Burning should be done once in a year, especially when the forage crops are over-mature and fibrous. This is to encourage regrowth of the grasses and legumes.
(2) Fencing: This is the partitioning of the pastures into sections called paddocks to facilitate rotational grazing.


(3) Application of Fertilizer: Application of fertilizers in the pastures ensures rapid and succulent growth of pastures because of increase in the fertility of the soil.
(4) Weed Control: Weeds should be removed regularly from the pasture to prevent competition with forage plants for nutrients and space.

(5) Pests and Diseases Control: These should be prevented to ensure rapid growth of pasture crops.

(6) Irrigation: Pastures farm should be irrigated, especially during the dry season to ensure the availability of fresh and succulent grasses all the year round

(7) Adequate Stocking: The correct number of animals should be place on a pasture to graze. Overgrazing should be prevented.

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