classification of soil

Classification of soil
Soil is classified into three major groups namely
Zonal soil
Intra zonal Soil
Azona soil

Zonal soil. This type of soil is mature soil and is responsible or recognisable through soil profile as a result of the influence of climatr and vegetation… the zonal soil is subdivided into two major group lemley pedalfers and pedocals
The pedalfers is a non lime accumulation soil
Pedocals is lime accumulating type of soil. Balls of zonal soil include pofso soil, grey brown soil, chemozen Soil, sierozem soil, latosol or red soil such as laterite

2. Intrazonal soil. This type of soil is formed under special circumstances and conditions such as inadequate drainage which results in logging or sort out Malaysian leading to alcohol at this may result in different types of soil

Intra zonal soil is grouped into three aspect one hydromorphic soil, holomorphic soil and calcimophic soil

3. This type of soil is formed by the nature of parent material and not by climate. This soil type is young and does not exhibit any profile

There are three types of Arzona soil
Litosols. This type of soil is formed around mountainous area
Regosol. This type of soil are soil formed on deep soft unconsolidated area with deposit of mineral matter
Alluvial. These are soil types formed through the deposition of materials by rivers

These are just a few excepts of the classification of soil, if you have any further question or something bothering you concerning soil classification feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll be glad to answer you on time. You so much for coming to our side today they are blessed you can never share this article through your social media handles.

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