What is soil structure and its importance

what is soil structure?

Soil structure is defined as the arrangement of soil particles of soil into aggregate sizes and shapes.
The soil structure of a given sample of soil simply shows the physical appearance of the soil as the particles are arranged in sizes and shapes.

what are the causes of soil structure?

The causes of soil structure and soil particles arrangement cannot be over emphasized but looked at in the following ways
One of the major factors affecting soil structural arrangement is the action of binding agents in the soil
The activities of farmers during planting and tillage operation helps to shape the soil structure.
Chemical substances and their actions can also influence soil structure
Another important factor influencing soil structure is weathering. Weathering which is the breaking down of parent materials or rocks into smaller particles

to form soil by physical and chemical actions such as

human activities

what are the importance of soil structure?

Some of the facts and importance of soil structure as it concern agricultural activities are as follows
soil structure plays major role in terms of heat transfer within the soil that essentially affect the growth of plants crops
soil structure facilitates soil air aeration
soil movement can be greatly affected by the soil structure of the soil
last but not the least, soil structure can greatly reduce the degree of soil erosion
the soil structure of the land also affects or determines plant root penetration

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