what is damping off disease of okra

What is damping off disease of okra?

Damping off disease of okra is a fungus attacked or caused disease that affect the okra plant on the farm.

The damping-off disease effects of okra
it is caused by the fungi Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani, which severely disrupt the early stage of the crop germination process by causing poor emergence of the seeds and death of the emerging seedlings and the cotyledons, which results in poor stands in seedbeds and fields.
The damping off also causes stunted growth in okra which is the result of the cells absorbing too much
Possible causes of damping off disease of okra
Damping-off is caused by a number of seed- and soil-borne and fungus like oomacete, including Rhizoctonia solaniAphanomyces cochlioides, and species of pythium, Phytophthora, Botrytis, Fusarium,Cylindrocladium, Diplodia, Phoma, and Alternaria. 

Prevention and control measures of damping off disease of okra
The following are some of the ways we can control the effect and spread of damping off disease of okra
1. One easy way to prevent the spread of damping off disease of okra is to spray with copper fungicide
2. It is always advised to plant our farm with the use of disease resistant varieties of okra
3. First and foremost before planting of the feed the soil where we want to use for the production of crop should be sterilized to kill off the infections in the ground
4. Keep the environment within the pot clean.
5. Use powdered kitchen spices on the soil surface.
with hydrogen peroxide solution.
Let the plant’s root system grow so it can protect itself before transplanting.
Damping off can be reduced by planting fungicide-treated seed directly into without using nursery. Other preventative measures include cultivating on a well-drained soil and avoiding overcrowding of crops during planting process. Also, clean and wash all  tools used before reuse and discard contaminated implement

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