onion Twister disease and its effect on onion production

What is onion twister disease?

The Onion twister disease is a disease of the fungus that attacks the Onion crop. This disease is deadly as it impact on the production of onion by twisting the onion and deforming it.
Symptoms of  onion  twister disease 
 This disease is known for curling, twisting, and chlorosis of the onion leaves.
Causes abnormal elongation of the necks, and forming of slim bulbs that decay during storage. 
You will also notice the  Grey patches on leaves of the Onion which also lead to reduction in the crop yield
Prevention and control measures of the Onion Twister disease
1. First method to prevent the spread of this disease to practice crop rotation system of farming
2. Always plant your farm using disease-resistant varieties of the Onion crop
3. Make sure you spray your farm with fungicide whenever you discovered the presence of onion twister disease
4. Uproot and destroy infected plants as soon as symptoms are observed to minimize spread of disease.
 5. Avoid prolonged moisture to minimize the level of damages caused.
6.  Avoid wounding the onion plant as this may present plants to infection.

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