principles governing trophic levels and the pyramids

Explain the principles government trophic levels and the pyramids For every activity in life which also consist of the food chain ecosystem and food web there is always a procedure or laws governing the activities involved in such an environment. So this principles governing trophic levels and the pyramid are as follows. Number one laws governing trophic levels and the pyramid is that food chain start with the photosynthesis and ends with decay. This law and principle of trophic level what is simply means is that the level of energy starts with the glasses or the green plant that uses photosynthesis to produce foods and so the Producers are at the base of the food chain The second principle of the trophic level that shorter food chains are made more efficient than larger food chains in terms of waste of energy The third principle of pyramid level and trophic levels that large population are characterized by more steps in food chain. What this means is that useful energy decreases so that little of it will be made available to the tertiary consumers meaning those who turn the tertiary consumers we have to consume more or so for more in order to gain enough energy that is necessary for their sustenance. Now that you have been able to understand the principles governing trophic levels and the pyramids I want to explain inertia that food chains always start with producers who has the ability to make their own food through a process called photosynthesis Then the next aspect of this principle is that when when you look at the food chain the shorter processes within the food chain conserve more energy is So the last aspect of this law or principle governing trophic levels and the pyramid is that where you have more population energy is consumed faster and more before it arrives at the base or the body of a tertiary consumers within the ecosystem Thank you for your time this morning please feel free to share this article with your friends using a social media and does and you may leave your comment behind if you have any and will get back to you as soon as possible to

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