permanent tree crop farming and advantages

Permanent crops are sometimes known as cash crops.

definition of permanent crops

These crops known as permanent crops are mostly cultivated as plantation farming. Permanent crops are mostly tree crops
When going into or starting a permanent crop farming which is also known as plantation farming, the following factors should be considered and carefully



examined before going into its production

Land tenure system. Before starting a plantation or permanent crop farm, the types of land tenure system practiced in the area should be put into thorough consideration.
permanent crop
The major problem posed by land tenure system is that access to enough farming land is limited because of land fragmentation, land ownership and communal clashes.
Transportation means.
The cultivation of crops is as good as the means to transport the various farm produce for easy reach of potential buyers and consumers.
So don’t just site your farm without first considering the type of transportation system of means located in your area of choice. Take my advice, transportation system is good as the success of your business.
Environmental factors. It is very important to note that it is not everywhere and anytime you can plant crops, most crops have their most preferred time of planting.
In other note to fail in agricultural crop production then environmental factors should be considered.
Market environment. Nearness to quality market should be your top priority as a farmer going into permanent crop production. The market important to avoid or reduce transportation  costs
Soil type. The type of soil found in an environment should be considered in relation to the types of permanent crops to be planted.

list of permanent crops

The following are typical examples of permanent crops
Orange or citrus crops. Read more here
Mango tree
Rubber tree. Read more here
Oil palm tree. Read more here
Cashew tree
Cocoa tree. Read more here
Cola nut
Cotton. Read more of cotton cultivation here

uses of permanent crops

Permanent crops serves as source of food for the nation or families
Permanent crops yields foreign exchange for countries
In most cases permanent crops are tailored for cash sales only
They serves as permanent source of income to the farmer
In conclusion
Going into plantation farming, cash crops, and permanent crops farming requires large farm inputs like tillage machinery and access to good road including quality marketing point
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