breeds of pig for meat production

Breeds of pig, because pigs can move quickly! You will want to have that secure fencing ready to go before bringing the weanlings or feeder pigs. No matter which of the breeds of pig or breeds you choose, infrastructure basically remains the same. Pigs require a clean shelter, plenty of fresh water, free range pasture or grain and a place to cool off most of the time
The cooling off place can be a kiddie pool filled with water or a shallow mud hole they dig themselves. Pigs love to wallow but they really prefer a clean environment afterward. Breeds of pig
Pigs are non-ruminant animals which means they don’t chew cud and they belong to the family called sus. There are two main species of pigs – Sus scrofa domesticus and sus vittatus.

Breeds of pig for pork meat production

not all breeds of pig are suitable for their meat production so here i have listed a few types of pig good for meat

(1) Large white
(2) Large black
(3) Duroc Jersey
(4) Poland China
(5) Tamworth
(6) West African Dwarf pig
(7) Hamphire
(8) American Landrace
(9) Chester White
(10) Belgium Pie Train

All the breed of pig types are grouped into three classes:

the following are the main breeds of pig

(a) Meat type
(b) Land type
(c) The Bacon type
Pigs are reared mainly for meat, pig skin, bristle and manure

Terminologies used in Pig production

Boar A mature male pig
Sow A mature female pig
Gilt A female pig that is matured to reproduce or has reproduced once
Piglet The young or baby pig
Weaners Young pigs just separated from the mother
Fatteners Old pigs reared for the market
Barrow A castrated male pig
Farrowing The act of parturition in pig
In sow Pregnant sow
Dry sow Sow that is not pregnant
Pork The meat of pig
Bacon Salted pig meat
Lard Pig meat with fat


(1) Pigs are very prolific animals. At 8 – 9months for age, a gilt is matured and can farrow twice a year, producing 8 – 10 piglets per litre.
(2) It has a short gestation period of 114days i.e. three months, three weeks and three days.
(3) The mature very early. A piglet gets to 60 – 90kg market weight in 6 – 9 months
(4) Pigs are good converters of feed into meat. They can easily convert industrial, agricultural and compounded feed into meat more cheaply and rapidly than most other domestic animals== Breeds of pig
(5) Pigs have an excellent dressing percentage, i.e. the proportion of flesh to bone is high
(6) Pigs require a very little investment in terms of building and equipment
(7) Pigs are poly-estrous animals. This means that pigs can be bred at any time of the year
(8) The salvage value of pig is high. That is, the price at which an old pig can be sold off is high
(9) The initial investment in getting into the enterprise is small and returns come very quickly.

  1. Breeds of pig


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