fishing implements and uses

fishing instruments, there are so types of fishing gadgets but we shall be examining just a few of them.

Uses of fishing nets:

Nets are made of nylon and are used for fishing both in large and small bodies of water.

Net fishing is very efficient because many fishes can be caught at a time with a net.

There are different forms of net used for fishing.

These are:

(i) The cast or throw nets

(ii) The gill nets

(iii) The lift nets

fishing basket

(iv) The hand net or scoop net.


Use of hooks:

A hook is made of metal rod which is curved at the tip. Fishing hooks are of two kinds:

(i) The pole and line hook: This consists of a hook to which a twine is tied, which in turn, is tied to a long pole or stick.
A weight or float (could be a small stone or metal nut) is tied to the rope to enable the hook go down the water.

Fish is attracted to the hook by a bait (e.g. earth worm) attached to it.
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When a fish attempts to eat the bait, its mouth is hung to the hook and the fisher quickly throws out the honk from the water to remove the fish.
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The method is time and labour consuming. Only one fish can be caught with this method it a time.

A Pole and Line Hook fishing implement.

(ii) Long line hook: This consists of several hooks tied to a long line. The whole line is then tied across the course of the stream.

Baits are attached to each hook. This can be left for a long time, while checking to see if any of the hooks has caught a fish as well as to replace the baits. Many fishes can be caught at a time with this method. DIAGRAM Figure 3.9.12: Long Line Hook.

Use of fishing  baskets

Baskets are mainly used in fish pond. They are placed through the water to catch the fishes in it. Baskets are used in periodic periodic harvesting by selecting only large fishes from tin- entire catch and throwing back the under-sized ones into smaller containers.
Many fishes can be caught with baskets at a time.

Use of fish traps

These are woven materials usually with canes, rid, ropes or wires.
They are designed in different shapes and sizes. When placed in water, fishes are attracted into them by baits placed inside.
When the fishes enter, they cannot come out. Hand net Cast net Drag net Fishing trap

Fishing drag nets and trap.

Use of spear or harpoon
This is used for large fishes like the shark. It is not however a very common method these days.

This is common in ponds or shallow streams which can be blocked to drain away water. The fishes are then easily. It is used for total harvesting in ponds.

Use of fishing trawlers

, boats or canoes: These are means of transportation in water.
They enable the fishermen to go into the water from which they can cast nets or set out hooks to catch fishes

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Bad Fishing Methods

The following are considered bad “methods of fishing and should not be used:

Use of poisons, or chemicals such as gamahalin 20

Use of explosives such dynamites

Electric stunning
that is, passing electric current into the water to stun or electrocute the fishes before they are picked.

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  1. Oh, wow! I didn’t even realize that cast nets enable us to capture a higher volume of sea creatures eventually. I’m going to let my cousin knows about this detail so he can purchase the right equipment as soon as possible. Since last weekend, he’s been helping his friend who’s a deep sea fisherman to catch some mullets.