effects of bush burning on agricultural activity and ecosystem

What is Bush burning and its effect on agricultural production 

First what is Bush burning?
 Bush burning is the act of burning the bush or setting it on fire in order to clear out the vegetation after clearing the farm for planting of crops and other farm cultivation processes. 
The Burning of bush to is planting of crops is important and can also be very dangerous to us agricultural production or activities.
 But on this article I am going to Dwell more on the effect of burning the bush in order to plant 
Burning the bush during cultivation season or planting operations and Bush burning may sound logical and to some It can be illogical buying all the same one the bush has his own effect which are very destructive to crop yield 
The following are the effect of bush burning to agricultural production and activities 
1. Bush burning destroys the organic matter in the soil. 
How Bush burning destroys organic matters within the soil is very simple because when we set the bush on fire it ends up burning the top most soil which consists of loamy soil a soil type that has a mix of moisture organic decay materials which invariably will be turned to ashes thereby destroying the nutrition content of the same soil 
2. As a result of bush burning or setting the farm on fire in order to clear out the dirts and grasses, the atmosphere is polluted with smoke 
3. During Bush burning many of the microorganisms that are found in the soil, majorly  the topmost soil is killed through the fire
 4. Another major effect of bush burning is that  Bush burning brings about the growth and appearance of different set of plants like weed which compete for nutrient with planted crops 
5. Another simple effect of bush burning is that it exposes the soil to erosion and leaching.
 Leaching and erosion that affect the topmost soil is the result of destruction caused by Bush burning to the top most soil 
6. Another effect of bush burning is that when we burn the bush, it releases minerals like potassium and phosphorus to the soil in form of ash 
The ash produced by Bush burning give the soil slightly alkaline nature
7. Bush burning renews the growth of dried grasses which encourages sprouting.
8 Most natural food chain is disrupted within the ecosystem when we burn the bush
9 Bush burning may lead to Extinction of some animals like the one that happen in Australia in 2020
10. When we set the bush on fire it helps to break dormancy of some seed which naturally does not die on his own as a result we destroy some species of plants
11. Last of all but not the least of the effect of bush burning on agricultural production is when we burn the bush it reduces the holding capacity of the soil.
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