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climatic and planting requirement of yam

<h1>Climatic and planting requirement of yam</h1>
Climatic and soil requirements:
Yam requires a temperature of 25C – 30C; rainfall of between 100cm – 180cm per annum: abundant sunshine and a well- climatic and planting requirements of yam drained sandy-loamy soil, rich in humus.

<h2>Method of propagation/propagation materials:</h2>
Yam is propagated by the following materials: yam setts, yam seeds or yam mini setts.
Seed rate: one seed yam or sett per hole; three to five tons of seed yam per hectare is required.

<h2>How to Plant yam</h2>:
Open a hole on the heap.
 Place one yam sett inside with the cut surface turned upward and slantly place at an angle of 45 before covering it with soil.
They cut yam sett should be dried under the sun and dusted with chemicals such as aldrin dust before planting.
This prevents rotting and pest attack of the sett.

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