what is kidney stone disease? its effect on the body and remedies

What is kidney stone disease

The kidney stone is a disease that iscaused by some disease growth within the tubules of the kidneys
one major characteristics of the kidney stone disease is that the diseased growth area may narrow urine which also reducing the free flow of urine and causing pain most often
In most cases the kidney stone disease growth area may block the passage and the removal of the urine completely difficult from the body
Major effect and destructive causes of the kidney stone disease

the kidney stone disease is a very dangerous disease to be inherited or that will occur to anyone because the treatment of it cost a lot of money
So what are the effect of kidney stone disease, some of it are listed below let’s take a look
1. One of the notable effect of symptoms of the kidney stone disease is the obstruction of the passage of urine from the body
2. It will take difficult effort and the feeling of pain is experienced on passing out urine from the body when a person is infected with kidney stone disease
3. This disease known as kidney stone disease causes abdominal pain
4. The disease leads to high blood pressure, fever, chills and blood in urine
Remedy and treatment of kidney stone disease

the kidney stone disease can be treated using the following methods
1. A type of surgery called nephrectomy can be performed on a patient with the disease
This involved the opening up of the kidney to remove the Stones that causes days kidney disease
2. Any patient that is experiencing kidney stone disease should abstain and avoid excess intake of calcium
3. A lot of should be consumed or taken by the patient
4. A patient with this disease should be careful to reduce its intake of protein product
The kidney stone disease is very effective and dangerous to the system, it takes a lot of money to go takes a lot of money to go to this either by transplanting or by the treatment of surgery

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