maize rust disease and its prevention method

What is maize rust disease?

The maize rust disease is a disease that affects corn or maize as it popularly known in some part of the world.  This disease causes dryness as if the leave of the Corn is Burnt Through Fire.
Most often the maize rust disease does not affect the yield of maize but it is also dangerous in some part of the country like Nigeria.

Causes of maize rust disease

There are two major causes of Frost on the Maize corn crop but the main common cause of this disease is caused by a fungus known as puccinia polysora
In general the sweet corn is most susceptible to the attack of this disease

Transmission method of maize rust

It is observed that the measure of disease of corn is mostly effective during the wet period of the year
Airborne spores are deposited on leaves of maize causing rust

The major symptoms of the presence of maize rust

1. In a farm where we have the presence of maize rust 
there will always be red spots on leaves causing the leaves to turn reddish brown
2. The presence of maize rust causes the leaves of the corn not to be able to carry out its normal photosynthesis and which may eventually lead to the death of the crop
3. In some cases this Maze rust spots is always found and seen around the farm throughout the whole planting season
4. These can be easily recognized and distinguished from other diseases by the development of dark, reddish-brown pustules
How to control the presence of maize rust


We can control the presence of maize Rust using the following methods
1. Early planting of maize and the proper use of treated seed. This is to make sure that the Maize is cultivated around the best period of the Year where we have maximum rainfall
2. The use of disease resistant variety. This can also mean treating the seed of maize before planting
3. The practice of crop rotation is another method of controlling maize rust
this is important in the effect that when you plant crops of different types around your farm in one planting season, at the next year you rotate, it means it will not be easy for the transmission of the maize rust
4. The cultivation of maize on a well-drained loamy soil is very important. The choice of land or soil in the cultivation of crops is very important as a well-drained loamy soil will be rich for the plant to be able to absorb nutrients and minerals from the soil that will enable it to fight off the disease of maize rust
In general, the maize rust disease of corn can be troublesome but may not affect crop yield if the crop is planted during the early planting season of the year. 
Spraying the corn field with the right herbicide or fungicide is also helpful
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