leaf spot disease of cowpea and its effect on cowpea production

what is a leaf spot disease of cowpea?

Cercospora leaf spot disease of cowpea is a fungal disease caused by fungus
It is widely distributed and occurs all over Africa where cowpea is cultivated. It causes reduction in the production of cowpea
 The disease does not only affect cowpea but of course occurs on other legumes, even in related plants,
The process of transmission of the cowpea leaf spot disease
This disease is transmitted through wind. Which means that the leaf spot disease of cowpea is widely distributed in areas with high wind, like the northern Nigeria, northern Ghana and other sub-saharan environment where the cowpea is cultivated in large scale
the symptoms and economic effect of the leaf spot disease of cowpea

’The disease attacks the leaves causing a serious yield loss because of severe defoliation. Yield loss up to 40% due to infection has been reported (Schneider et al. 1976). Crop diseases do not only reduce grain yield but can impair the fodder quality, and consequently undermine efforts to promote crop-livestock integration. Emphasis on cowpea improvement has centred on grain yield with little attention on the fodder quality. 
The major constraint to livestock production in Nigeria today is fodder deficiency especially during dry season when pasture vegetation is dry” follow the link up there to study more about the cowpea disease
1. you will discover reddish brown spots on leaves if the cowpea is infected by the leaf spot disease
2. Chlorosis is also found on the plant
3. any infected cowpea plant the league will be falling off and wilting
prevention and control measures of The spread and attack of the cowpea leaf spot disease

1. the first step you should take as a farmer when you discover the presence of cowpea leaf spot disease is to spray with fungicide
2. the practice of crop rotation is important in curbing the effect and spread of cowpea leaf disease
3. As a farmer and you want to minimise the effect and spread of leaf spot disease of cowpea then you must plant your farm with the use of disease resistant varieties

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