Leaf Rollers pest of crops and its attack on vegetable production

What is Leaf rollers pest of crops?

The leaf roller is an insect pests of crops that attack vegetables like green vegetables
Crops that are majorly attacked by the leaf roller pest of vegetable

Most vegetables are susceptible to the attack of leaf rollers
The nature of Damages and effect of the attack of leaf rollers pest of crop

1. First and foremost as the name implies, Leaf rollers pest involves in rolling and twisting of leaves of vegetables
2. The leaf rollers pest of crops causes reduction in the rate of photosynthesis that are supposed to be carried out by the vegetable leaves
3. If the rate of photosynthesis of the vegetable crop is no longer viable, it then means that the power of the crop to produce more is also reduced.
 so we can say that attacks of leaf rollers pest of vegetables reduces crop yield and production
How to prevent the attack and spread of leaf rollers pest of vegetables

To prevent the attack and spread of leaf rollers best of crop farmer should place spray with the right insecticide or herbicide like vetox 85
Like I have been able to outline in this post, that every Attack of a crop pest on the farm reduces the yield and the efficiency of the Farmer to produce more.
 so it is important to always be vigilant as a farmer to understand when attacks are going on on your farm and avert the damages that would have been caused by this pest
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