cotton Stainer pest of crop and its effect on cotton production

What is cotton Stainer pest of crop?

The cotton Stainer pest of crop is an insect pest of crop that attacks cotton crop in the farm
The cotton Stainer is a typical example of piercing and sucking insect pest of crop
Crops attacked by cotton Stainer
As the name implies, cotton Stainer majorly attacks cotton crop on the farm
The nature of damage and economic effect of the attack of cotton Stainer

1. Cotton Stainer majorly pierce and sucks up sap from plant
2. The cotton Stainer produces toxic saliva
3. They are often disease transmitter
4. The cotton Stainer reduces the quality of cotton balls
5. It often times courses leaves destruction
These are the various ways whereby cotton Stainer attacks crops like cotton
Preventive measures and control of the spread of cotton Stainer
Here is a little description of how to curb the spread of cotton Stainer on the farm
1. The spread of the cotton Stainer can be dealt with using hand picking method
2. Whenever you notice the presence of cotton Stainer on top of any cutti Cotton or in your farm please pray with the right insecticide
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