classification of insect pest into groups

Definition of insect pest
 pests are organisms that are insect by Nature which destroys or alter the growth and production of crops and animals on the farm or on the storage Barn

Classification of insect pest

Insect pest can be classified into various groups based on their mode of feeding. The various are the groups into which insect pest can be classified into
This group of insects are classified as follows
1. Biting and chewing insects
2. Piercing and sucking insect
3. Burrowing insects

 The characteristics of biting and chewing insects

a. Biting and chewing insect possesses strong mandible and maxillae which is their mouth parts
b. The mouth part of biting and chewing insect looks like a pair of scissors used for cutting objects.

 Typical of biting and chewing insects insects are

Leaf worms
Army worms
Praying mantis
Soldier ant

2. Characteristics of piercing and sucking insect

a. Piercing and sucking insect possesses strong mouthparts called proboscis
b. The purposes of piercing and sucking insect enable them pierce and suck liquid materials
c. Typical examples of piercing and sucking insects are as follows
I. Aphids
ii. Cotton Stainer
iii. Mealybugs
iv. Capsids
v. White flies

Characteristics of burrowing insects

Borrowing insect are types of insects that bore holes on the stems of plants and crops
a. Borrowing insert are capable of burrowing into plant parts and destroying the tissues
b. Burrowing insects are capable of destroying fruit and seeds by boring holes through them
c. Typical examples of burrowing insects are as follows
I. Bean beetle
ii. Stem burrowers
iii. Rice Weevil
iv. Maize Weevil
v. Etc

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