Bean beetle and Grain Weevils pest of crops and their effect on crop production and their control methods

What is bean beetle and Grain Weevils pest of crops?

The grain beetle and weevils of cowpea are insect pests of crops that attack stored produce.
These two pest are examples of boring insects pest
The grain Weevils and bean beetle attack majorly rice, cowpea, maize and order stored produce in the storehouse

The nature of Damages and effect of the attack of Grain Weevils and bean beetle on crop production
The following are some of the ways in which the bean beetle or grain weevils attack and destroy Farm produce
1. These pests of crops bore holes into grains and eat them up
2. The attack of the grain weevils is that it bore holes and eat up the plumule and radical of the seed because it contains protein
3. When these pest of crops attacks stored produce, they end up reducing the quality of the produce. they disfigure the bean seed and also eat up the germinating part of it
4. If the attack of Grain Weevils and the Bean beetle reduces the quality of the stored produced by disfiguring and eating up the internal part of the seed, it means the Farmer will not be able to make good sales from his produce.
 therefore we can say that the attack of these pest of crops on stored produce reduces farmers income
5. It reduces the quality of stored beans and rice
6. It also reduces the viability of infested grains, that is when pest like Bean beetle or grain weevil attack stored produce
Preventive measures that can be used to curb the excesses of the attack of pest of crops like bean beetle and grain weevils

The following are the methods that a farmer can apply to reduce the attack and damages caused by Grain weevils and bean beetle
1. Farmers should practice early harvesting
2. At anytime crops are harvested and brought to the store, proper storage method should be applied
2. Cleaning and fumigation of store with phostoxin tablet is also needful
3. After harvesting grains, it should be stored over the fire or hot places. sometimes locally it can be stored using rafts
4. Proper drying of seeds to reduce moisture content and kill all the egg and lavae of pest is important before storage.
Most often reducing the attack of bean Beetles and grain weevils on stud produce is to be effective when better storage facilities are installed by the government
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