what is diuresis disease of the kidney, it’s effects and remedy

What diuresis?

Diuresis is a type of kidney disease. Infact diuresis is a condition is which the cells of the kidney tubules are the absorbing from the glomerular filtrate and as a result i and as a result a large amount of free trad and as a result a large amount of filtrate is passed out in urine
Diuresis disease can can also occur fro can also occur from a patient suffering from insipidus disease which is a condition in which the production of ADH- anti-diuretic hormones become reduced.
Diuresis disease causes less to be reabsorbed and the patient who is having the disease produces a lot of you urine per day
Effect of diuresis disease
1. One major factor of the diuresis disease is that it leads to the excretion of large amount of you urine

2. Diuresis leads to loss of weight of the body
3. The diuresis disease can make a patient to emaciate
4. Any patient having diuresis disease tends to drink high rate of content
What are the natural ways to treat a patient with diuresis disease of the kidney
To treat this disease the following ways should be observed
1. Surgical operation should be performed on the patient having diuresis disease
2. Drugs such as diuretic should be administered to get rid of excess from the body
This disease is one of the most important diseases of the kidneys, when diuresis occur sometimes it can lead to dryness of the body and the skin

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