the uses and maintenance of a hand trowel as a simple Farm tool

What are the uses of hand trowel in agriculture

The hand trowel as you can see in the image below is a simple Farm tool used with a hand consisting of a short metal handle and a scoop shaped like Blade. The hand throw away like the hand fork is mainly used in squatting position because of a small size.
The small metal blade makes it possible for a small ball of Earth to be carried with the seedling during transplanting process.

Below I am going to give you some details of how the hand trowel is used in the farm

uses of hand trowel in the farm

1. Hand trowel is used for transplanting seedlings from the nursery bed to the main site in planting operation
2. Another use of this hand trowel is during fertilizer application when we use it to apply fertilizer or manure
3. Hand trowel is used for nursery practices or light wedding
4. The hand trowel as it is well known, popularly as hand trowel is also useful for digging holes for planting of melon seed, maize dzerds and okra
5. Another important use of the hand trowel is for soil sampling, mixing of soil and fertilizer mixing

How to maintain a hand trowel for longer use

We can maintain the hand trouble by always cleaning it, washing and drying after use
Whenever the blade of a hand trowel is bend you should always endeavour to straighten it
If you must enjoy the use of hand trowel as a farmer then the blade must be sharp all the time
Definitely this is one of the most important aspect of the storage of hand trowel to avoid termite eating up the wooden handle then it should be stored in a place that is free of termite
Last of all if we as farmers really want to enjoy the longer use of a hand trowel then it should be stored in a cool and dry place within the farm or at home

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