Watering can use on the farm.

Watering can and its uses in the farm. The watering can as a simple Farm tool is of metal or plastic and fitted with a spout which has a perforated metal sheet called Rose over its mouth.
The Rose at the mouth of the can is removable after use and replaceable when needed.
These also come with two handles used for lifting or carrying the can itself

uses of the watering can


There are so many uses of the watering can from this article we are going to limit our scope to the uses of it in the farm and for farming activity
This  can be used for light irrigation processes like the application of water to crops during the dry season when you do not have access to surface irrigation or mechanized irrigation
Another very important use of this is for the application of liquid fertilizer to crops in the nursery bed or directly on the farm
The watering can is a very important simple Farm tool used for the watering cement blocks used for construction in the farm

how to maintain the watering can and store it after use

One of the ways to keep the watering farm tool very sick and dried up is that after using the Water pail is to wash and keep it dry and clean very clean after use to prevent rusting

Another best way to store the watering instrument is to hang it upside down after use
The nozzle of a typical water instrument to be free from blockage
Remember to keep the watering instrument stored in a cool and dry place

After use please do not forget to rinse with water if used with liquid fertilizer Now these are some of the ways we can maintain or prolong the lifespan of a can thank you in any way for coming to our place today to read some of our articles do not forget to leave your comment behind and we will get back to you as soon as possible thank you for your patronage

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