aims of crop improvement

aims of crop improvement, This involves the importation of introduction or some varieties of crops with desirable characteristics into areas where they have not existed before.crop improvement is a deployed means to improve the quality of crops in farming activities which is the aims of crop improvement

crop improvement is therefore necessary for better yield. the improvement of crop varieties must be done in such a way that it will not undermine the original nature of the crop that is being improved.

so the processes of the aims of crop improvement includes the following:

(1) Introduction
(2) Selection
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more on crop improvement reed here Breeding or Hybridization

Introduction to crop improvement

This involves the importation of introduction or some varieties of crops with desirable characteristics into areas where they have not existed before. In other words, it involves the movement of crop from its origin or suppo

Evolution to another region or area where it can adapt.

Crops targeted through the various aims of crop improvement with desired qualities are identified in their centres of origin and then procure& such crops are then introduced into the breeder’s country for testing and multiplication in order to improve the varieties of crops that can be found in that country

crop improvement process
aims for crop improvement

. Such imported crops are usually quarantined by the nation’s plant quarantine service before introduction into the country importing it. Introduction is usually carried out to improve the qualities of the local varieties of crops.

Advantages of Introduction to aims of crop improvement

(i) it helps in bringing new varieties of crops to a new area.
(ii) crop improvement may enhance greater productivity.
(iii)this may perform better if there is better climatic condition in the new location.
(i) crop improvement may also perform better if there is better soil condition in the new area.
(v) Absence of pests and diseases under
(vi) crop improvement helps to upgrade the aims of crop improvement quality of the local varieties of crops.

Disadvantages of Introduction in crop production

(i) crop improvement can result in the Possibility of introducing new crop diseases.
(ii) The new crop may not be able to adapt to climatic conditions of the new environment during crop improvement process
(iii) the improvement of may also introduce new pest to the new environment
(iv) The introduced crop may not be able to adapt to soil conditions of the new environment.

Selection in crop improvement:

selection in crop improvement involves the artificial picking of crops with desirable characteristics which are most favoured by the environment as one of the aims of crop improvement
In other words, selection is the ability to choose certain crops which possess specific artificial or external characteristics which are easily recognized by merely seeing them and the love for it then lure man into trying to improve the crop yield and nature.

crop improvement center
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Methods of selection in crop improvement process include

Mass selection

during crop improvement process, Crop plants are selected or rejected on the basis of their own performance or merit.
Crop plants with the desired characteristics are chosen in preference to those not possessing item from a large group of crops.


Pure line selection

: This is the type of selection in which only one crop plant with good characteristics is selected leads to the concentration of that character which is uniform and pure thereby enhancing crop improvement and performance.


Pedigree selection under aims of crop improvement

: Crop plants are selected on the basis of the performance of their ancestors. It is based on the belief that the crop plant selected is likely to perform equally or even better than the ancestors and this make for its improvement.

Progeny selection Crop plants are selected on the basis of the performance of their offspring or progeny

Advantages of selection
(i) selection of crops ensures that only the best naturally available crop is grown
(ii) Crops with desired quantities are selected
(iii) selection of crops of Seeds from best stands are multiplied for distribution
(iv) Crops with undesirable characters are detected and rejected during improvementprocess
(v) crop improvement and selection reduces the spread of diseases and pests

Disadvantages of selection
(i) Selection is tedious and time consuming
(ii) selection of crops is very expensive in terms of time and money
(iii) selection of crops requires expertise which may not be available
(iv) crop selection ad improvement brings about the elimination of some desirable traits of the parent stock.

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