are animal pest of crops.what the main animal pests that attacks crops either on the farm or after storage?

how do we identify crops that are animals? animal pest of crops are.

animalsthat do harm to crops directly (for example, by infesting it or by transmitting to it the causative agents of diseases) or indirectly by causing damage to livestock, crops, trees, and so forth

An animal pest of crops is any animal or plant harmful to crop production

The term is particularly used for creatures that damage crops, livestock, and forestry or cause a nuisance to people, especially in their homes.

Humans have modified the environment for their own purposes and are intolerant of other creatures occupying the same space when their activities impact adversely on human objectives.

Thus, an elephant is unobjectionable in its natural habitat but an animal pest of crops when it tramples crops.

These attack mainly grain crops such as maize, rice, sorghum and barley. They also attack fruits in the field.

Examples of these birds are Weaver birds (Quela), parrots, etc.
A Bird.


(a) Nature of Damage: They peck out planted seeds, eat up grains on the field and destroy leaves of some plants such as oil palm.

They also eat ripe fruits such as pawpaw, mango, and cashew.
(b) Control

  1. Use of scare crows to control animal pest of crops
  2. Spraying chemieals such as furadan with aircraft,
  3. Shooting with catapult or gun.

Figure 2.8.5: Scare Crow for birds and mammalian pest in farms.

  1. Rodents
    These include rats, grass-cutters, African rabbits and hare.
A Rodent (Grass-cutter)
(a) Nature of Damage: They cut down and eat various parts of the crop especially cereal and tuber crops. Grass-cutters eat up rice, young palm seedlings and maize plants. Rats eat up stored produce like tubers and grains. Hare eat up planted grains.

(b) Control of animal pest of crops

(i) Use of poison baits
(ii) Use of traps
(iii) By shooting with guns,
(iv) Use of rat gums.

  1. Other Mammalian animal pest of crops
    These include monkey, deer, antelopes and bush pig.
    They do a lot of damage to crops in the farm by uprooting eating them up. For example, monkey eat up plantains, banana maize and cocoa pods.

(i) Trapping

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