what is soil temperature and its agricultural importance to crop production



what is soil temperature and importance of soil temperature


What is soil temperature and how temperature affect agricultural production



The nature of soil temperature

Soil temperature can be defined as the temperature within the soil
In other words what temperature can also be known as the temperature at is different from the atmospheric temperature which is above the soil so sorry temperature is usually the temperature degree that is affected or that is felt within the soil or in the soil



General importance of soil temperature to crop growth and production in agricultural science
Underlisted are some of the importance of soil temperature to crop
Soil temperature determines the rate of formation and decomposition of soil organic matter
Low temperature causes a decrease in metabolic activity and reduction in enzymatic reactions in plants
Extreme temperatures will impede the activities of microorganisms present in the soil
Temperature affect the level of soil moisture thereby decreasing the productivity of the soil
The rate of temperature affecting the soil will also affect its capacity to absorb water and nutrients by root crops
Optimum temperatures promote seed germination
Appropriate temperatures also promotes the sustainable development fruits
Temperature is most often determines the population of soil microbes
Temperature often determine the maturity and ripening of fruits
Optimum temperatures promote the activities of soil microorganisms like
A higher temperature will always cause wilting of fruits and leaves
High temperature leads to loss of soil nutrients through volatilization
High temperature may be harmful to crops by causing premature dropping of fruits

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