what is SOIL STRUCTURE and types of soil structure


What is soil structure and types of soil structure

Definition of soil structure
Soil structure is defined as a structure referring to the ways in which the different particles of the soil are packed or arranged in order

Soil structure also refers to the shape and arrangement of primary particles to form compound particles

Structure has a direct effect on crop yield and production. If they soil structure is good, I will circulate and waterlogging will reduce dramatically including erosion.
so the structure of the soil can be preserved in the following ways
So soil structure can be preserved through planting of cover crops in the Farm
The use of mulching materials is very key in the preservation of soil structure
We can also apply manure green manual liming to preserve soil structure
In order to avoid spoiling the soil structure of a given land we should avoid overgrazing the area
Avoidance of clean clearing with machines is necessary to avoid exposing the soil to erosion
I want to list all types of soil structure has to be found in agricultural science


Here is a list of the types of soil structure that can be obtained anywhere in the world
Single grain soil structure. In this type of soil structure their primary particles exist in single form and are not cemented together it is found in sandy soil
Crumb Structure- this type of soil structure exist in large gravels of tones embedded within the primary particles which are cemented together it is found in the topsoil
Plate like soil structure- this primary soil structure known as plate like structure is the primary site particles that are arranged in horizontal and flat method resembling plate or reflex on top of each other it is commonly found in the subsoil
Spheroidal structure- spheroidal soil structure is also referred to as granola structure the particles are cemented together in a circular form with lots of spaces it is commonly found in topsoil
The prismatic soil structure- this type of soil structure could be columnar or prismatic. This type of structure of the Soul is just like steroidal structure which have a spaces when the top ones are around there are columnar when they are flat just like a prism if they are prismatic it is found in subsoil
Like soil structure- the aggregate are like blocks whose edges are irregular and maybe either be sharp or round. It is commonly found in the subsoil

General importance of soil structure
The following are if you list of the general importance of soil structure to agricultural production
Solid structure helps to determine the level of fertility of the soil
Another very importance of soil structure is that it also prevents soil erosion and water logging
A good soil structure will promote the activities of soil microorganisms
A dependable soil structure that is good for farming activities will always support the growth of crops to a maximum degree
Every good soil structure will always have the capacity to retain water and moisture for plant growth

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