what is root knot of tomato and okra disease and prevention

What is the root knot of tomato and okra disease?

The root knot of tomato and okra disease is a disease of the tomato crop and okra caused by a nematode
This nematode that attack the tomato roots and it\’s knot lives in the ground and eat up the root of the tomato or okra thereby causing the plant to die.
Root-knot nematodes Meloidogyne spp. Is one of the three most economically damaging of plant-parasitic nematodes on vegetables and field crops

What are the general symptoms of the attack of the nematodes causing root knot disease?

The root knot disease of tomato causes knotting or galling of roots
The disease is one of the mostly end widely distributed disease of the tomato and okra and causes a lot of damage to tomato production all over the world
This disease causes retarded growth of the tomato crop
The attack of the root knot disease of tomato and okra result in reduction in the production capacity

What are the prevention and control measures of the root knot disease of okra and tomato?

The following underlisted are some of the ways to prevent and control the spread of the root knot disease of tomato and okra
1. Make sure to sterilize the soil of your farm before planting can begin
2. The use of crop rotation
3. Always plan to farm using resistant varieties of tomato and okra for effective checkmating of the disease known as root knot of tomato and okra
4. If detected early please uproot and burn infected plants
5. Make sure to avoid late planting of your crops. plant early
Root knot nematodes are small  eelworms\’ like earthworm that live in soil and become plant parasites when they use tomato roots as their source of food.
Infected plants are stunted meaning that growth is retarded, the tomato plant then appear yellow or pale green in color, and wilt easily, even when soil moisture is adequate.