what is pod burrower pest of crops and its effect on crop production

What is pod pest of crop?

  Burrower of crop as a pest is an insect pest of crops that attacks legumes like cowpea, soya beans etc

A typical pod Burrower pest comes in different colours and sizes.
What are the crops attacked by pod burrower?
The major crops that can be attacked by the pod borrower of crop are
Soya beans 
Cow 🐄 pea and all the major crops in agriculture that has pod

What is the nature of damage and effect of the attack of Pod Borers pest of crop
Here I am going to give you a few examples of how pod burrower attack crops in the farm
1. The larva of a typical pod borer will always borehole into the pod eating up the seed that are inside the fruit
2. Pod borer pest of crop will always reduce the crop production or yields of each crop or plant that it attacks
How to control pod borers from spreading
The spread of pod burrower can be prevented using the following ways
1. The cultivation system using crop rotation is very important in curbing the spread of Pod burrower
2. Undertaking early harvesting of crops from the farm is another key Note or system to curb the spread of pod Borers
3. Always make sure you use the right insecticide to spray in order to kill off the lavae of the pest
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