Formation of Niger Basin commission: Niger Basin Commission (NBC) was established by countries located in the Niger basin to maintain better co-operation on the use of the River Niger. The Treaty establishing the commission was signed by the countries in October,1963.

countries that formed Niger basin commission NBC

These countries are The Republic of Benin, Chad, Cameroun, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Mali, Cote d’Ivoire and Niger Republic.

Objectives and functions of NBC

  1. To guide navigation on the Niger River
  2. To ensure the most effective utilization of the resources of the river

To streamline the construction of dams on the Niger River

To ensure the most effective use of the Niger water

  1. To undertake schemes to control floods and erosion
  2. To promote studies on the agricultural potential of the River Niger.
  1. loans for businesses
  2. how to establish enterprises
  3. what is a firm
  4. price equilibrium
  5. scale of preference
  6. concept of economics
  7. economic tools for nation building
  8. budgeting
  9. factors affecting the expansion of industries

mineral resources and the mining industries

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