what is mixed farming effect on agricultural production

First let us define mixed farming

What is mixed farming?
Mixed farming is the type of in which the Farmer cultivates his crops and rear animals on the same piece of land
What mixed farming represent is a rat mixed farming is a whereby a farmer with plant his crops rear his animals on the same piece of land year in year out. Sometimes mixed farming can also be known or called ranching system of farming where you don’t just plant crops but your also rear  animal in an extensive scale.
One cannot but ask questions that is there any effect or problems involved in the practice of mixed farming
Engaging in mixed farming system, will it reduce my crop yield for the year or is there any important problem that is associated with farming and planting of crops on the same piece of land at the same time? Ok having understood what is mixed farming let us go on to look at the possible effect or importance of mixed farming to agricultural production
The effect of mixed farming on agricultural production
1. Mixed farming does not just have side effect but it has a major effect on the farm because when farming on crops and also rear animals on the same piece of land,
 the Dung of this animals will always add nutrients to the soil
2. The odour is coming out from the dung or excreta of the animals red on the farm can cause air pollution
3. Mixed helps to maximize the use of land
4. The one of the major effect of which is common to mixed farming is that if you’re not careful that the animals caged and where they stay is well-prepared they may end up eating the crops on the farm.
5. Keeping animal on the same piece of land that crops are planted attracts the presence of pests like tick, fleas, tse-tse fly etc.
6. The presence of animals may also build up diseases in the land
Haven’t seen what mixed farming is all about we have also seen some of the effect or importance of mixed farming
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