what is army worm pest of crop and how does it attack or affect crop plant

What is army worm?

Army worm is a type of crop pest that affect crops in the farm or in the store
As the name implies or suggest this insect pest or this pest is a worm like pest.
The army worm is a type or a typical example of biting and chewing insects
The army worm possesses mandible and maxillae mouthpart

Crops attacked by Army worm

Major crops that are attacked by the army worm are Terry and most importantly of this cereal crops is the maize crop plant

Nature of damage and economic effect done to crop plant by Army worm 

The following are the ways which Army worm attacks the crop plant to reduce its life
1. The lavae of the army worm always will invade and eat up leaves and stem of the Maize
2. When the leaves of the crop plant is eaten up, it reduces the ability of photosynthesis
3. When the army worm attacks and the plant can no longer produce its own food through photosynthesis, growth is retarded
4. And then in the end of the harvest season, the yield of crops and produce are reduced tremendously

Prevention and control measures of the army worm pest of crops

The following are the underlisted ways whereby we can prevent and control the spread of the army Worm on the farm
1. The number one method to control the spread of armyworm is through hand picking
what to do is identify the crops that are infected by the army worm and you try as much as possible to be picking them out one by one with hand
2. Because they attack of the army Worm on your farm majorly the Maize crop plant can be so effective that nearly all the plant stand is affected so the use and spraying of insecticide like DDT is very advised
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