What is an ABO blood group?

  An ABO group of blood is a group of human blood. ABO is a classification of human blood types which is divided into four sub groups. An ABO is another word for types of blood group. The four group of human blood are A, B, AB and O. each of the blood group is classified by a particular combination of antigens within the red blood cells and which naturally occurs in the antibodies inside the blood plasma.  ABO group of blood

Why are antigens and antibodies important in ABO group of blood transfusion?

An antigen and antibodies of the same type of blood causes agglutination when mixed  together which invariably results in difficulty in blood transfusion,

The ABO blood group is the most important of all the blood group systems.  There are four different ABO blood groups  determined by whether or not an individual’s red cells carry the A antigen, the B antigen, both A and B antigens or neither.

Normal healthy individuals, from early in childhood, make red cell antibodies against A or B antigens that are not expressed on their own cells.

What controls ABO group of bloods inheritance?

 Inheritance of blood grouping is overseen or controlled by a single autosomal gene on chromosome 9 with 3 main alleles A,B and O

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However, despite their obvious medical necessity, the physiological functions of ABO blood group antigens remain a mystery only known to the maker of life itself. People with the common blood type O express neither the A nor B antigen, and they are perfectly healthy. Numerous connections have been made between particular ABO phenotypes and an increased susceptibility to disease attacks. A typical example is the ABO phenotype has been linked with stomach ulcers

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