problems facing agricultural development and solution

WHAT ARE THE PROBLEMS FACING AGRICULTURE DEVELOPMENT AND POSSIBLE SOLUTION Agricultural development are usually hindered by the following problems.

Inadequacy of land facing agriculture development

: land is one of the major problems hindering agricultural development, due to the type of land tenure system being adopted. Also the soil erosion affects the use of land as a factor of production

Solutions to :
i. land management practices must be carried out e.g. crop rotation
ii. government must assist the farmers to get land and solving the problems facing agriculture
iii. Fertilizer application must be encouraged.

Lack of finance and credit facilities facing development of agriculture :

most of the farmers do not have source of credit facilities to increase their production due to high interest rate and lack of collateral security.
i. Farmers should form cooperative societies.
ii. Government should assist the farmers by providing loan.
iii. Interest rate must be reduced to encourage the use of loan.

Lack of basic amenities affecting the development of agriculture

basic amenities such as water, healthcare, electricity are lacking and these affects agricultural development.cultivation practices in the propagation of plantain

Solutions to problems facing agriculture
i. Government should provide drinkable water, electricity and healthcare system for farmers
ii. Community development should be encouraged among farmers.

Lack of storage and processing facilities:

this is one of the major problem facing agricultural development due to inadequate storage facilities.

Solutions to lack of agricultural facilities:
i. The government should assist the farmers by providing storage facilities
ii. Farmers should form cooperative societies to build storage and processing facilities

Lack of transportation system in agriculture:

the rural areas lack good roads and this increases the cost of transporting farm produce to the market.

Solutions to problems facing agriculture
i. Government should construct good roads.
ii. More motor vehicles should be provided for the farmers.

Inadequate farm inputs:

farmers do not have farm inputs such as tools, chemicals and farm machinery because they are too expensive to buy and they are not timely in supply.

i. Government should assist the farmers to secure farm inputs at subsided price
ii. Farm inputs should be supplied to the farmers at the right time

Imperfect marketing system affect the development of agriculture

due to lack of storage facilities farmers find it difficult to control the price of the farm produce, they sell at reduce prices.

i. The farmers should form union in order to control the price
ii. The government should create an ideal marketing environment for the farmer.

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Solutions to problems facing agriculture
i. More extension agents should be employed by the government
ii. Non-governmental organization must be involved in educating the farmers read more here
iii. Government should embark on anti-illiteracy campaign.


Problems of environmental degradation is another factor affecting the development of agriculture :

the effects of soil erosion, flooding and pollution of the environment affects crops and animal production.

i. Erosion control must be embarked upon by the government
ii. Farmers must be trained on environment management.

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Problems of diseases and pests is a major problem facing the development of agriculture :

diseases and pests destroys and reduce the yield of crops and animals. It is expensive to control and adds extra cost to production cost there by reducing the profit of the farmers.

i. Farmers must be supplied with insecticides and chemicals at subsidized price.
ii. Government should establish pest and diseases control unit.

problems facing the development of agriculture
problems of agriculture




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